This work was created for Singapore’s 50th anniversary. It was exhibited at the National Design Centre in Singapore. The exhibition, titled Singapore Souvenirs, delved into the notion of Singaporean identity through objects. The series observes one of the most common types of souvenirs, a photograph. The images were captured using a disposable camera through a process of exposing the film, rewinding the film and exposing it once more.
An unintentionally intentional souvenir seeks to denounce site for site’s sake. In turn, it is a celebration of the individual and the uniqueness of one’s travels. It is an opportunity for one to celebrate themselves and their personal experiences. The disposable camera—as an embodiment of the mindset of the tourist—is populated with images of Singaporean site. The photos boast architectural locations, yet remain as a peculiarity regarding their actual significance to the individual. The consumer is invited to interact with the camera, exposing the film to their own set of photos. The end result is a union of two images, photographs that now hold meaning and value to the consumer as opposed to being mere images of Singapore locations.

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